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Patron Power & the Knowne World Bardcast

We get back together for an amazing take two of our conversation and it does not disappoint. Lord Gideon shares his thoughts on bardic arts, self-expression, the importance of using your privilege for good, suggestions on how to do that in the SCA, his experiences fighting predators in the Kingdom of Atlantia, and the life experiences that have honed his bardic skills. Then we move the conversation along to his perspective on being a Patron and his relationship with his courtesan companion Lady Héloise de Bruyères. If you’ve ever wanted to create something, particularly to express yourself, Lord Gideon has some advice for you that you simply cannot miss. Information about KWC activities at War of the Wings, 10/17-21, Booneville NC and a call for courtesans planning to attend Gulf Wars, 3/9-16, Lumberton, MS, to join us for the first ever Courtesan’s Ball, Tuesday, March 12, 9 PM-Midnight.

Roman Whores and Finding the Right Persona

Honesta Domina Calpurnia Fortunata and I start to dig in to the nuts and bolts of crafting a persona in the SCA. We discuss how to get started and how to know when you’ve finally got the right fit. Then we delve into our personas a bit and discuss the ins and outs of sex work in the Roman era.

Fabulously Gay Dark Age Muslims

A lively discussion with Mistress Magdalena la Sanguini and guest Tawwad ibn Jabreel about homosexuality in the medieval Muslim world, gender expression throughout history, partying in the modern middle ages, and how to be a fabulous gay courtesan. Courtesan Theatre features a sultry sonnet from Lord Gideon ap Stephen and Baroness Fortune St Keyne has some advice on dressing to attract attention in the debut of our segment Getting Ahead from Bed.

Introducing the Knowne World Courtesans

The Knowne World Courtesans dive head first into the world of podcasting with the first meeting of our digital salon. We feature the inspiring Mistress Magdalena la Sanguini, getting to know why she became a courtesan and the exciting things the KWC have planned for Pennsic War 47. Don’t know what we mean by war? We’ll tell you! Learn more about what it means to be a courtesan in the SCA.