Lifehacks for Courtiers

Space for Ace Courtesans & the Tom Hiddleston Appreciation Hour

Though the idea of being an asexual sex worker seems contradictory, in this episode Signora Justina di Silvestri and I explore what it means to be a woman who embraces this persona. We discuss patrons, gender identity, sexuality, consent and more. Then we ask the really important questions: What kind of garb should Tom Hiddleston wear? Would you have sex with him? 😉

Making a Meretrix

Domina Marcella wants to create a sex worker persona who walks the streets of ancient Rome to ply her trade. Specifically, a registered middle-class prostitute called a Meretrix. We discuss how perfect Roman clothes are for when it’s terribly hot outside, and start to build her Roman persona around her wardrobe choices and interests. We also have a great deal of fun chatting about our fond memories ogling men together.

Roman Whores and Finding the Right Persona

Honesta Domina Calpurnia Fortunata and I start to dig in to the nuts and bolts of crafting a persona in the SCA. We discuss how to get started and how to know when you’ve finally got the right fit. Then we delve into our personas a bit and discuss the ins and outs of sex work in the Roman era.

Introducing the Knowne World Courtesans

The Knowne World Courtesans dive head first into the world of podcasting with the first meeting of our digital salon. We feature the inspiring Mistress Magdalena la Sanguini, getting to know why she became a courtesan and the exciting things the KWC have planned for Pennsic War 47. Don’t know what we mean by war? We’ll tell you! Learn more about what it means to be a courtesan in the SCA.