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Halloween Megasode!

We do something a little different in this episode after we get acquainted with 1st c BCE Roman courtesan Domina Lucretia Natta in our courtesan interview. Signora Justina di Silvestri is on hand to share some creepy stories in honor of the holiday season. We explore the medieval relationship with death and mortality as manifested through the Memento Mori trope. Their perspective was very unlike our own and might give you an interesting take on your own impending demise. Then we dig into the lore on one of my favorite murderesses of yore: Giula Tofana, an apothecary who is rumored to have murdered over 600 people. We wrap up with a story of a corrupt and murderous cult shared with us by Lucretia Natta from the histories of Livy. This story has everything: Sex, death, poisoning, broken taboos, treason, familicide, and most importantly of all for us here, a happy ending for the courtesan. And her boyfriend.

Crowns, Cocks, and Courtesan Classes, NSFW!

Due to some issues recording, this episode is a bit shorter than our “standard” length. We still had a fantastic conversation in the salon, as well as a very special original performance from Lord Gideon ap Stephen of Atlantia that will make your jaw drop! Listen at work, if you DARE! We discussed what it means to wear the crown in our modern middle ages, and the paths that led Baroness Fortune St. Keyne and Baroness Bianca Anguissola to discover their courtesan personas.

Introducing the Knowne World Courtesans

The Knowne World Courtesans dive head first into the world of podcasting with the first meeting of our digital salon. We feature the inspiring Mistress Magdalena la Sanguini, getting to know why she became a courtesan and the exciting things the KWC have planned for Pennsic War 47. Don’t know what we mean by war? We’ll tell you! Learn more about what it means to be a courtesan in the SCA.